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听故事学中文 Learning Chinese through Stories

Dec 6, 2015

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Pony went to an errand by himself for the very first time at his mom's request. He was going to carry a bag of wheat to the other side of a river. But when he was about to cross the river, he received different suggestions from others. Pony finally learned the lesson with the help of his mom and he made up his...

Sep 19, 2015

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This is a famous Chinese idiom (chengyu) story about an ancient Chinese peasant who stopped his farm work after tasting the pleasure of getting free meat from animals that die accidentally.After he quit his work and started to wait for more free meat as a full-time job, he learned his lesson from the hard way....

2.2.4B 故事解读《狼和小羊》

May 18, 2015

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阳光 yángguāng Noun,sunshine 暖 nuǎn Adj, warm “adj+adj” , which is also named as “AA”, is used in descriptions. It is commonly seen in written language. 轻 qīng Adj, light; gentle 河边 hé biān Noun, riverside 故意 gùyì Adverb, on purpose; purposefully 近义词(synonym):特意,有意...