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听故事学中文 Learning Chinese through Stories


Nov 26, 2019

Cook at home or Order delivery ? Which one do you choose ?

Nov 16, 2019

After dropping their daughter at her boarding school after 16 years... What are on the parents' mind ?   Check out our most recent podcast, which is based on the first episode of the TV show 《少年派》.The dialogue is from  8:04-8:40 in the first episode.


nü'er : hēi hēi hēi

Nov 1, 2019

  The other day, I read the poem'My Father's Back' by Edward Hirsch. It reminded me of <背影The sight of father's back> by Zhu Ziqing, the most widely known prose describing
the relationship between a father and son.

We couldn’t do it without the help of all our wonderful Patrons, so our thanks to every last one of...